November 30, 2021

Healthy peels and seeds

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Usually when we eat vegetables and fruits we throw away their peels and seeds, but nature has not created anything in the world in vain or in vain. According to modern research, their peels like vegetables and fruits And there are many benefits to seeds, so they should be eaten. Below are some useful fruit and vegetable peels and seeds:
Coriander seeds:
Coriander seeds are fragrant and tasty.
Boil these seeds and gargle with this water to get rid of bad breath and blisters. After cooling the same water and drinking half a cup of Nahar, the digestive system improves.

Coriander seeds contain iron, so they are very useful for the weak.
Stone seeds:
Sangtra, Malta and Kino are very juicy and delicious fruits.

Save them after eating instead of throwing away their peels. Dry these peels and make them into powder. Grind lentils and make it into powder. Mix the powder of both and add rose water in them. Apply it on the face twice a week. Then wash your face after fifteen minutes. The skin of the face will not only become soft and smooth and shiny, but the complexion will also become brighter.
The teeth will also become white and shiny If the powder of peels is applied on the teeth.

Apple peels:
Like apples, its peels are no less useful. If there is pain anywhere in the body, make tea from apple peels and drink it with honey and lemon.

Pomegranate peels:
Pomegranate seeds are extremely useful for our health. In the same way, if pomegranate peels are dried and kept as a powder, many benefits can be reaped from it. Adding baking soda to this powder is like toothpaste. If you use it, you can get rid of many diseases of teeth and gums. By mixing fennel and honey in coffee, you can get rid of sore throat and sore throat. Apply this paste on the face once a week. Wash your face after 15 minutes, the skin will be clean, fresh and shiny.

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