November 30, 2021

Dubai Expo Introducing special packages for foreigners wishing to participate

Special Expo packages have been developed by travel companies to attract tourists to Expo 2020 Dubai. More than 25 million tourists are expected to visit the expo.

Special packages have been introduced for foreigners wishing to visit Dubai Expo. According to the Emirati news agency, special expo packages have been prepared by travel companies to attract tourists to Expo 2020 Dubai as the world’s largest show is starting on October 1 for which A large number of tourists are expected to arrive in Dubai and it is expected that the UAE will host Expo 2020 Dubai for more than 25 million locals and foreigners in its six months till March 31, 2022.
It is reported that special expo packages have also been developed by many travel agents selling tickets for the event to meet the demand, a package introduced in this regard which includes Forster for a small family. Hotel accommodation is also included, costing an average of two and a half thousand to three thousand dirhams, during which people can stay in Dubai for four nights and five days and will also have the opportunity to participate in the expo for one day.

Similarly, a few more packages start at 39 395 for four nights and five days, which will include hotel stays, breakfast, hotel transfers, expo passes and tourist destinations, packages vary accordingly. While tourists can choose what kind of attractions, during this time people can choose desert safari, Dho Cruise, newly opened Ain Dubai, Global Village, etc.
There is also a four-night and five-day package introduced by a company, starting at 2100 dirhams, in Visa, Hotel, Expo Pass and Three Star, Four Star or Five Star hotels. The stay will be included. It is learned that these packages do not include airline tickets but air fares are likely to be reduced in October, after which the demand for expo packages is expected to increase in mid-October and companies are expecting that by October. The issue will come up in the second week, as tourists are also waiting for further reductions in air fares.