November 30, 2021

New Zealand has set a dangerous precedent. Relations between the two boards will be affected

Contact with the security agencies made it clear that there was no threat. He wrote a letter to the New Zealand Board. The matter will be taken up in the ICC. Hopefully, the England team will come to Pakistan. CEO Pakistan Cricket Board

Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) chief executive officer Wasim Khan has said that New Zealand set a wrong precedent for its unilateral decision to end the tour, adding that the decision would affect relations between the two boards. Sri Lanka and Bangladesh agreed, the tour was not possible due to lack of time and logistical problems, hopefully the England team will come to Pakistan.
“The 48 hours were very difficult for us. I want to bring some facts to light,” he said in a statement. There is a risk of an attack on the team, but neither we nor our security agencies have been notified of the threat.

Wasim Khan said that when he contacted the security agencies on the issue, it became clear that there was no threat, after which he tried hard to keep the tour on, told New Zealand that Pakistan is a safe country, canceling the New Zealand series unilaterally. It was decided that the issue of the return of the New Zealand team would be raised in the ICC, while we went to New Zealand despite the mosque attack and quarantined 14 days in New Zealand during our visit.

Meanwhile, New Zealand Cricket chief executive David White has said that the details of the threat to the cricket team have not been disclosed to Pakistan and will not be disclosed. This is a very difficult time for the PCB but we have no choice but to cancel the tour. There was no way out, the instructions we received were the result of reports from a responsible and very careful source about the potential threat to the team.
In a statement issued by New Zealand Cricket, Kiwi Board Chief Executive David White said that the New Zealand cricket team was determined to play a series against Pakistan as it had previously taken a detailed look at Pakistan’s security situation and dealing with threats. Arrangements made were reviewed but everything changed on Friday. The situation changed in view of the instructions given and the possible danger, briefing the Pakistan Cricket Board on the reasons for the cancellation of the New Zealand cricket team’s tour. However, they have not been told in detail and will not be told.

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