November 30, 2021

PIA launches flights to Arab Islamic country after 22 years

The national airline’s first passenger flight arrives in the Syrian capital, Damascus, after a long hiatus of more than two decades.

PIA launches flights to Arab Islamic country after 22 years According to details, Pakistan’s national airline PIA has crossed an important milestone in increasing the number of flights on international routes. After 22 years, PIA has started regular passenger flights to Damascus, the capital of Shamil. In this regard, a special tweet was also made by PIA CEO Arshad Malik.

He said that the PIA flight carrying the visitors landed in practice. According to media reports, PIA flights arriving in Damascus received a special welcome from Water Cannons. According to reports, the national airline has launched a special flight operation for the Middle East.

In this regard, Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) flight PK9501 left Karachi for Damascus.

Federal Minister Ghulam Sarwar, CEO PIA and Syrian Ambassador were also present on the flight. More than 300 passengers left for Damascus on a Boeing 777. It was further stated that PIA will operate 12 flights to Najaf, 2 to Baghdad and 4 to Damascus. The special PIA operation will continue till September 24. Flights will depart directly from Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad.
In this regard, CEO Arshad Malik said that he started the operation of flights for the pilgrims on important religious occasions. He said that the national airline was in the forefront in taking the pilgrims to the holy place. It should be noted that during the Karuna crisis, the country’s private airlines, including PIA, suffered severe losses. PIA is constantly striving to reduce these losses. The national airline has launched flights on several routes over the past year.
With regard to improving the condition of PIA, it has been informed that the national airline is facing challenges but in order to improve the economic condition of the airline, the number of flights to various foreign sectors should be started and increased. Will In addition, PIA is developing a business plan consisting of global experts, which will make PIA a worldwide success. Innovation and technology will be used in the restructuring.