November 30, 2021

The fury of the fourth wave

Pakistan is currently facing the fourth wave of the silent killer Delta Variant Corona, which is affecting thousands of civilians every day and costing precious human lives. The most effective prevention of Corona is the vaccine but the world Experts across the country agree that even a vaccine cannot save 100%, but can save 70 to 90%.
It may take several months for the vaccination process to be completed in our country, by then we will have to defend ourselves. First of all, everyone should understand that Corona can surround us anywhere, no one is safe from it.

Now this impression is wrong, Corona may be a second time, we should not be under the guise of our antibodies. The affected person does not know about it immediately, it affects the lungs by removing the immune system from the human body, the symptoms of the disease that appear later are high fever, gastrointestinal upset, severe body aches are common. The common test for corona is PCR, but in many cases it is negative.

Therefore, when PCR is negative, one should not sit back and relax. If there are symptoms, it is necessary to do other tests. Any chest doctor can diagnose this by looking at an X-ray. If the condition is serious, then doctors usually call it a CT scan (HRCT). Gets a better idea. Many times the patient seems to be breathing well, but the oxygen saturation starts to drop. In such cases, the patient resists going to the hospital and getting oxygen.

If the lungs are affected then the patient needs good and heavy dose medicine. In such cases coffee, steam etc. can give some benefit in routine. The only option for us is to keep ourselves in the best medical condition. Blood pressure, diabetes and coronary heart disease patients have a higher risk factor than coronary heart disease. Take possible precautions.

Patients with diabetes and high blood pressure should keep their happy diet and diet on one side for the next few months. Eat plain food, eat vegetables instead of chicken, and use salads. Eat bread mixed with flour, it is high in fiber and it is useful for both blood sugar and blood pressure. In the morning or evening, take a walk for at least half an hour.

Immunity is most important during coronary heart disease, keep it strong. Use of vitamin C, vitamin D and zinc is useful for this, their supplements are common. Vitamin C sucking pills are available while vitamin D sucking is available. No matter what else you do, you can reduce the risk by wearing a mask when you go out, because precaution is life.

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