November 30, 2021

Vaccines reduce the spread of the epidemic

The corona virus is changing its form and attacking humans again and again. When this virus changes its form, scientists give it a new name. The corona virus first invaded China, from where it spread all over the world. By the end of July 2021, the virus had infected 198 million people, of whom 4.2 million are no more.
The worst disaster is in the United States, where 35 million people fell victim to the virus and more than 600,000 unfortunate people left their loved ones in mourning. After the United States, the number of victims in India is 30 million The death toll has topped 400,000.
After the tireless efforts of scientists, a vaccine was developed against the virus, which significantly reduced its spread.

People breathed a sigh of relief and hoped that soon the world would return to normal. The global economy would begin to recover, sanctions would be lifted and the joys of life would return, but happiness and This state of satisfaction proved to be temporary and the corona virus changed its form and terrified the whole world again. This virus has been named as (Delta Variant), which originated from India.

The Delta virus wreaked havoc in India and then the virus spread to other parts of the world. Pakistan is a neighbor of India. However, the Delta virus also affected the United States.
The United States developed the world’s best vaccine and managed to control the situation by injecting the majority of the population with emergency vaccinations and restoring normalcy, lifting mask restrictions and allowing people to move freely. However, the Delta variant arrived in the United States and ruined everyone’s happiness.
The number of Corona victims in the United States has now reached one million a day and is expected to rise further. The government has re-imposed a ban on wearing masks and maintaining social distance.
Many people wonder why the Delta virus is affecting the United States so strongly, for a few reasons. The most important reason is that 100 million people in the United States still do not get vaccinated.
The Delta virus has reached the UK and people are falling victim to it again. The Delta virus infects people very fast. In other words, the transmission rate of this virus is very high.
Experience has shown that unless 70% of the population in any country is vaccinated, it will not be possible to reduce the spread of the corona virus.
In addition to vaccinations, it is also important to wear masks and maintain social distance. Unfortunately, our performance in this regard is by no means satisfactory.
We spend billions of rupees unnecessarily, but avoid spending a few billion rupees on vaccines. The vaccines that are getting free are being provided to the people.
If the current pace of vaccination remains the same, it will take many years for 70% of Pakistan’s population to be vaccinated, so it is imperative that the government immediately start a sustainable process of vaccine procurement and privatize the private sector. Also allow vaccines to be imported.
Every country is trying to protect itself from Delta variant attacks. The big banks of our country earn billions of rupees in profits. Provide free immunization to your current and former employees.
Companies like Railways, PIA and Pakistan Steel have a total deficit of trillions of rupees, which is met by the government. Now let’s talk about SOPs, shopkeepers protest if locked down, but they don’t wear masks themselves and don’t urge customers to do so.
No action is taken against violators of SOPs. If the future had been predicted from the earliest days of the corona virus, the arrival of the Delta variant would not have created such a state of panic and disillusionment in us.
The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says the Delta variant of the Delta variant virus spreads as fast as smallpox and measles.
It can make at least 8 people sick. The most dangerous thing is that the symptoms are not very severe, but most people can get colds and mild fevers. ۔
The Delta variant is also unique in that it can infect people who have been vaccinated, although those who have been vaccinated (ie both vaccines) do not reach the stage of hospitalization and die. The risk is also very low.

It is the primary responsibility of the government and the media to spread awareness in the country that if they do not get vaccinated, avoid the use of masks and neglect social distance, Delta variant will spread to all populations like smallpox and measles. It will spread and the number of deaths will increase when people get sicker. If that happens, people will not be able to go to work, they will have to spend more money on treatment.