January 22, 2022

Which event resulted in the great Extinction?

At the end of the Cretaceous period there was a great extinction of dinosaurs. Although no one knows exactly what caused this great extinction, many scientists believe that the Earth was hit by a meteorite or comet 65 million years ago. Something like this could have caused shock waves that would have killed everything in its vicinity and seismic sea waves(tsunamis) that would have flooded all the low lands. clouds of dust would have cut off the sunshine, causing short-term global cooling, and would have produced a long-term greenhouse effect.

A buried structure looking like a meteorite crater of the right size and age has been found in yucatan in mexico, which would support this theory. Other examples of geological evidence include sedimentary rocks discovered in texas that look like tsunami deposits and deposits of quartz crystals that show signs of being deformed by a heavy impact.


Another theory is that changing were behind the great extinction. the end of the cretaceous period show signs of increasing temperatures. The dinosaurs and the other big animals may have become so well adapted to the equable climates of the mesozoic ear that they did not have the capability to cape with any dramatic change.