November 30, 2021

Which insects Eats wool?

Some people talk of “clothes moths” making holes in their woollen jumpers and cardigans, and even put mothballs in cupboards and drawers to prevent it happening. While these moths do exist, it is not the moth that does the damage at all. In fact the moth never eats; it lives only to produce its eggs and then it dies. It is when the young moth lays its eggs on woollen fabrics and in about a week the eggs hatch into caterpillars. The caterpillar then makes a little tubular case out of the wool, and lines this case with silk. There it lives as a caterpillar until it is ready to emerge as a moth. So you see that the problem of protecting clothes against moths is to make sure that moths have no chance of laying their eggs on the clothes in the first place.


When at rest, eyed hawk moths resemble a dead leaf. If alarmed, they open their forewings to reveal striking eye markings on the hind wings. This is likely to scare predators such as birds.