January 22, 2022

Which Science involves the study of Dinosaurs?

The Science the involves the study of dinosaurs is termed paleontology. Fossils, the remain of lifetime of the past, are found almost everywhere that there are deposits of sedimentary rocks. Dinosaurs, the spectacular and popular inhabitants of the past world, are a really rare a part of this fossil treasure trove. Nevertheless, they need been found on all the continents of the world. The excavation of their remains may be a very specialist task. Once found a dinosaur skeleton is excavated. First, the layers of rock above it are removed to reveal the full thing. then the individual bones of the fossil are mapped to mark where they lie. The bones are then sealed during a layer of plaster to guard them and transported back to the laboratory. Once within the laboratory, the specimens are prepared for further study.


Once thought to be the largest of the meat-eating dinosaurs, tyrannosaur continues to be the foremost widely known, with its huge head and steak-knife teeth as big as bananas.