January 22, 2022

Which system is used for naming plants and animals?

it is called the linnaean system. most folks know the plants in our gardens and therefore the animals we keep as pet by there common name – daffodil, goldfish, hamster- but these names vary from one language to a different. Not only that, but there are such a lot of differing kinds of plants and animals, that a typical name like wasp can apply to variety of various insects. so as to avoid confusion, an to permit every plant or animal to be recognized by the identical name everywhere within the world, the scientist Carl Linnaeus (1707 – 1778) came up with an excellent system using the Latin language. referred to as ‘binomial nomenclature’ or two names, his system uses one word to explain the genus and another to explain the feature of a selected physical object. At the time of Linnaeus’ work Latin, the language of science, was taught everywhere and was uniquely suitable for this technique of naming plants and animals.


The Latin name for an individual’s is Homo sapien, meaning ‘thinking man’ . A fossil kind of homo, or man, is homo habillis (tool-using man).