January 22, 2022

Which was the first-ever surgical treatment?

In prehistoric time the primary known surgery was an operation called Trephining. People believed that angry gods or evil spirits caused disease. curing the sick required calming the gods or driving the evil spirits from the body. the priests who tried to assuage the gods or drive out the evil spirits became the primary professional healers of the sick.

Trephining ( also referred to as trepanning) involved employing a stone instrument to chop a hole in a very patient’s skull. Scientists have found fossils of trephined skulls as old as 10,000 years. Early people may have performed the operation to releade spirits believed liable for headaches, mental state or epilepsy.

Trephining may have brought relief in some cases by releasing pressure within the head. surgeons still use an identical procedure to alleviate some varieties of pressure on the brain.


prehistoric people probably also discovered that several plants will be used as drugs- for instancethe employment of quinine to stop as illness called malaria. it’s made up of the bark of the cinchona.